Welcome to the Sweet Catastrophe Cakes Website !

     So here's the deal, Sweet Catastrophe Cakes is the venture of cake designer Shaleena, Hi that's me :) a true geek and lover of anything comic, and artsy !Sweet Catastrophe Cakes is a way for me to share my hobby and love of art , in an edible way. An artist firstly I love to transform my cakes into delectable artistic creations that are meant to be devoured. Inspired by life, pop culture, music, comics and many other things , hopefully one day I can take this hobby and turn it into a real biz, but I'm having tons of fun learning and sharing my creations with the world :D 

    Based out of Vancouver, BC :) Taking my hobby of art to an edible level :) You can check Sweet Catastrophe Cakes out on Facebook too!









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